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Sean Tully Animal Feeds Ltd is a family run business founded by Sean Tully who has over 40 years’ experience in the Animal Feed sector. Over the years Sean observed that an increasing amount of bi products from the bakery, confectionary and brewing industries were not been utilised to their full potential.

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Sean as a farmer himself asked the question of how these products could be used for animal feed and in the last seven years has focused his attention to developing a high quality feed using these bi products. From trials supported by International Nutritionists we developed a formula of feed that enhances performance and improves animal health and welfare. The team supported by our nutritionist consistently monitor the performance of the animal feed and make necessary adjustments depending on ingredients available and time of year. Sean Tully Animal Feeds Limited have a strong awareness and desire to not alone improve the economic wellbeing of our customers but to also improve sustainability to our environment.

Sean Tully – Director

Sean starting farming in 1972 and continues to this day. He was the first farmer to build a 9-double bay slatted shed in Cavan at the age of 24. He grew his heard from 60 to 120 high yielding cows at this time whilst also exploring new ways of feeding to get the best results from his herd. He spent over 20 years milking before moving to a beef enterprise in 1993 comprising of continentals. The current herd consists of approximately 180 Friesian Bulls on a under 16-month bull to beef enterprise.

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In 1978 Sean became an Agent for Guinness Breweries selling brewers’ grain. He sold this product across the North Midlands and Border Counties. Over this period Sean developed a large client base and in 1986 also became an agent for Greenvale selling sugar beet pulp and other straights until 1993.

In 2001, KW Forage became the sole agents for Guinness and Sean continued to work as a haulier for KW Forage until 2012.  In 2002, to retain his existing client base built from his agent days for Guinness, Sean then sourced surplus foods to sell direct to farmers.

Sean gained an insight into the use of surplus foods as a distributor and sought better ways to improve the products. In 2012, Sean obtained a licence from the Department of Agriculture to manufacture, supply, import and store moist feeds containing surplus foods.

Through the help of nutritionists and trials with his own cattle and in conjunction with a dairy farmer, Sean developed the two products we supply today. Moist Super Beef and Moist Super Dairy.

Raymond Tully – Director & Quality Controller

Raymond grow up on the family farm and has continued exposure to farming since an early age from milking cows to feeding cattle. With a good head for books, Raymond followed an academic road moving away from the farm but still having time to help out at the weekends and feed a few calves before heading to an office job.

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After studying law in UCD and travelling in Australia, Raymond moved to Dublin in 2005 working in Insurance with Quinn Direct. He later qualified as a solicitor and continued with his career in Insurance with Zurich and AIG. He left his role as a Senior Liability Claims Adjuster in AIG to join the family business in 2016.

Since joining the business Raymond has assisted in the day to day running of the business, obtaining new customers, assisting in the formulation of the rations and monitoring the performance of the ration in the cattle and by the use of a laboratory.

As Quality Controller Raymond is highly motivated to ensure Sean Tully Animal Feeds Ltd delivers consist high quality products that are proven to increase production in the dairy and beef sectors.


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Forage focus: Would you feed your cattle bread and cake?

Forage focus: Would you feed your cattle bread and cake?

Everyday, in bakeries and mills, bread, cakes and cereals are left on the shelves. However, Sean Tully Animal Feeds takes this surplus food – adds distillers grains and sugar – and produces two animal feed rations; one for beef and one for dairy. These rations are...

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High-quality moist rations for beef and dairy

High-quality moist rations for beef and dairy

Sean Tully Animal Feeds uses by-products from the bakery, confectionary and brewing industries to produce nutritionally-balanced moist beef and dairy rations. We visited their County Cavan base – where the rations are blended for distribution to farmers nationwide –...

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Our Products

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Moist Super Beef

Moist Super Beef is suitable for all beef stock including weanlings and finishers


Moist Super Dairy

Moist Super Dairy is suitable for all dairy stock

Moist Super Beef

Provides a range of benefits for Beef stock


Highly palatable feed


Enhanced energy intake


Increased daily weight gain


Better kill out %


Reduced days on feed


Complete ration


Guaranteed supply


Consistent high quality


Improved carcass grades


Improved fat cover on bulls


Convenient storage

Moist Super Beef is suitable for all beef stock including weanlings and finishers.

Energy is the key nutrient for beef animals. Energy content in feed dictates the live weight gain in cattle. Moist Super Beef is a high energy feed made from surplus foods and by-products such as bread, cake and distillers. A high concentrate of sugar is added to ensure consistent high levels of energy in the ration.

Growing stock:

The goal when feeding growing cattle is to get them eating plenty of fibre to grow their frame. Our moist feeds encourage intake due to their palatability and excellent protein and energy profile.
The immediate period after an animal enters a farm is the most critical time in the feedlot. Calves experience the greatest amount of stress and disease challenge leading up to and during this period, while feed and nutrient intakes are the most depressed. Proper nutrition is important to supply the immune system with the tools to respond effectively to eliminate or lessen the severity of the disease challenge.


The main aim of Finishing Cattle is to achieve efficient, cost effective gain in order to optimise profitability!
Moist Super Beef enhances feed efficiency and rumen function. Finishing cattle is done with one primary goal in mind: Efficiency! Feed efficiency is largely dependent on a consistent supply of high energy safely to the rumen. Therefore, improving ration consistency promotes more efficient gains. Our rations have been shown to increase ration consistency and energy density resulting in improved live-weight gain, younger slaughter weight and at higher weights.

Moist Super Dairy

Moist Super Dairy is suitable for all dairy stock


Highly palatable feed


Stimulating rumen function


Improves fibre digestion


Enhances feed intakes


Improved milk solids


Convenient storage


Ideal buffer feed


Lower overall feed costs


Consistent high quality


Guaranteed supply

Energy is the most important nutrient when considering feed options for dairy cattle. If cows are not receiving sufficient energy in their diets then milk production will decrease, milk protein levels will drop, body conditioning will fall and as a consequence fertility will fall resulting in difficulties in getting back into calf.
Moist Super Dairy is a high energy ration made from surplus food and by-products, such as bread, cake and distillers grains. Furthermore, a high concentrate of sugar is added to achieve this powerful dairy ration. Moist Super Dairy has a high digestibility from several different starches ensuring energy is released at every stage of the ruminant process.

Moist super dairy for dairy cows on grass:

Using a moist feed blend in a buffer feed to compliment grazed grass helps to achieve optimal carbohydrate and degradable protein balance in the rumen resulting in enhanced dry matter intake and milk production. Due to high starch and fibre the moist feed blends are ideal complements to grazed grass. With a 16% protein content the moist ration is an ideal buffer feed with high energy to balance with grass.

Moist super dairy for housed dairy cows:

Due to the many different sources of starch in Moist Super Dairy ration the rumen is stimulated for peak performance. The moist feed complements forages to ensure optimum use of the total intakes by cows. Furthermore, due to increased palatability the intakes are increased leading to greater production and profitability from the herd.

Moist super dairy for dry cows:

Body conditioning is essential for dry cows to ensure they calve down and begin the next lactation at the right body condition, neither too thin nor too fat. Super Moist Dairy can be utilised along with forage to control body conditioning during the dry period.

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Quality Animal Feed

Animal feed quality information

At Sean Tully Animal Feeds Ltd we are committed to producing consistently high quality feed using only the finest of pre-selected ingredients. Each raw material must meet strict criteria on palatability, consistency and nutritive value.

Our feed is formulated using advanced computer technology, ensuring each batch of feed contains accurate inclusion levels and provides excellent nutrition to the animal, as well as good value for money for the farmer.

We take great pride in the high quality of our products and appreciate the importance of complying with legislation and regulations for feed safety and quality assurance. Sean Tully Animal Feeds Ltd has an on-site laboratory where daily analysis is conducted to establish that all raw materials and finished feed products comply with UFAS and HACCP standards.

Our mill and products are independently audited by Bord Bia & UFAS. Additionally, the Department of Agriculture also assess and approve our products to ensure we meet both Irish and EU legislation. Samples of raw materials and finished rations are regularly tested in approved laboratories by trained technicians, to ensure we manufacture consistently high quality products.


What clients say about us

Barry - Beef Farmer – Co. Meath

I have been using Sean Tully Animal Feeds Ltd’s beef moist ration for almost 3 years. I have no intention of changing as there is no better product on the market that can match it. Its high energy value combined with palatability as a moist ration guarantees significant daily weight gains and reduced days on feed. My cattle achieve better kill out percentages, improved carcase grades and fat covers. Overall I can achieve increased profitability for my business whilst also contributing to the environment by keeping surplus food in the food chain. The innovative use of surplus foods in this way ensures these viable products don’t go to landfill. The alternative options for animal feed involve the use of crops sourced globally with the associated carbon footprint.

As a businessman I value Sean Tully Animal Feeds Ltd product and their service levels where delivery it prompt and reliable. Dealing with Sean is a pleasure as he understands my business and has always provided me with assistance when needed.

Pat– Dairy Farmer – Co. Laois

The impact of Sean Tully Animal Feeds Ltd’s dairy moist feed on our dairy herd is recognisable within days of introduction. Milks solids improve, protein increases and yields are increased. Better quality milk with increased volumes are achieved leading to greater profitability. I know the feed works as I can see a reduction in volumes and solids when I reduced the feed in the Spring. Combing the ration with quality farm management can produce increased milk production from a smaller herd thus contributing to sustainable farming and reduced carbon emissions.

There is a great human aspect to Sean Tully Animal Feeds where I get to speak with Sean who as a farmer himself can relate to the challenges facing farmers on a daily basis.

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What is your opening hours?

Office and Collection hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, closed for lunch 1-2pm.

Is there a minimum order for delivery?

Depending on geographical location minimum order quantity can vary from 10 ton to 20 ton. Please contact our office for clarification at 049 4331958.

Does the ration contain minerals?

No, at present we supply minerals separately. We are currently seeking a licence to add minerals to the ration.

Do you sell bags?

No, Ration is sold in bulk delivery or collection from premises.

What is the nutritional analysis of the feed?

Please contact us further for the comprehensive breakdown of the nutritional analysis which we state on weight docket of every delivery.

Can we guarantee supply?

Yes we guarantee supply of ration all year round. We do not take on any new customers unless we can supply both new and current customers.


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